January 22, 2011


This was actually a frustrating week to complete something, despite my having a lot of time to work. Most of my crafting time as of late is put towards knitting my Quinn bag, but it is a lot of knitting and still only a third completed. Hopefully I'll have it as my completed piece coming up here.

The project I was going to use this week is a surrealist piece I did during my independent study art class. However on the drive home, a can of racquetballs rolled over the piece and managed to turn it into an unflattering mess. I was not pleased as it is by far my favorite piece that I have done thus far.

So instead I offer up an ATC. It's for the Night Court series on Swapbot, this is House Eglantine.


Materials used: Printout,watercolor pencils, water pen, tissue paper, modge podge, gold pen, gold charm, several ribbon fibers.

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